With music largely being digital these days, and the convenience of being able to fit your entire library into your pocket, it seems that the need for physical mediums of music are left mostly to collectors. Now if you are a collector of physical mediums like vinyl but you also want the best of both worlds, Pioneer might have a solution for you.

The company has recently announced (via Engadget) the Pioneer PLX-500 turntables. These turntables will play vinyl records, and it will also be able to digitize your vinyl collection by connecting to your computer via USB. According to Pioneer, “An in-built USB output means you can record your vinyl collection to high-quality digital WAV files by simply connecting the PLX-500 to your PC or Mac.”

The PLX-500 is based on the company’ PLX-1000 turntables and it seems that it can do more than just digitize vinyl. Pioneer is also boasting the fact that these turntables can be used for DJ-ing, meaning that when you’re not digitizing your collection, you can use them for regular DJ purposes.

Best of all, it is also relatively affordable at $350, at least compared to alternatives like the Sony PS-HX500 that was launched earlier this year during CES. If you’d like to get your hands on the Pioneer PLX-500, it is expected to begin shipping this coming September in either a black or white finish.

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