prisma appPrisma is a photo editing app that was launched not too long ago, but it is quickly gaining steam thanks to its quirky, but cleverly applied filters. This is possible thanks to the fact that the app actually sends your photo to its servers where the filters are applied using an algorithm, which is how the filters appear to be applied more intelligently that other similar apps.


The only downside is that you need an internet connection for it to work, not to mention there have been some complaints about it being slow. The good news is that the developers behind the app have recently pushed out an update that will now allow the app to work offline, meaning that you won’t need to have an internet connection to edit your photos.

Speaking To Engadget, “We have managed to implement neural networks to smartphones, which means users will no longer need an internet connection to turn their photos into art pieces.” However according to Prisma, not all of its filters are available offline, at least not yet. As it stands, only half will be available offline at first, but more will be added to the list in the future.

The company also adds that by adding neural networks to smartphones, it frees up server capacity so that they can do the same for videos in the future, a feature that should be coming in the future. “Now that we’ve implemented neural networks right to the smartphones, we have enough servers capacity to run full videos on them in the near future.”

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