The majority of fitness wearables will measure activities like running, such as how fast you’re running, how far you’ve run, and in some cases might even map out your route. However when it comes to weightlifting, there aren’t as many wearables readily available, meaning that if you want to track your progress, there aren’t many options.

There are wearables that do track weights, but if you’d rather not buy a new gadget, then you might be interested in checking out this app called Rithmio Edge. This is an app designed for Android Wear devices that will be able to track your progress when lifting weights. According to its developers, it is also smart enough to detect what kind of weights you are lifting, meaning that even though some exercises do have similar movements, the app should be able to tell the difference.

Now we have not tried it out ourselves so we can’t attest to the app’s accuracy, but Rithmio claims that they have been working on the software powering the Edge over the course of the past five years, fine tuning as they go along, so hopefully all those years have not gone to waste. The best part is that it looks like the Rithmio Edge is a free download, so if you do own an Android Wear wearable, head on over to Google Play for the download.

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