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This is getting freaky now. Another dead body has been discovered by an unsuspecting Pokemon Go player. The first was found by a teen in the United States and now we’re hearing that a man in Singapore found a dead body while out playing Pokemon Go earlier this week. The body was reportedly floating on the water by the jetty at Woodlands Waterfront Park.


Noor Azmi, the man who discovered the dead body, said that he was walking on the jetty and upon looking down he saw the corpse. He was understandably shocked by all of this.

The Singapore Police Force has confirmed that they responded to a call at Woodlands Waterfront Park at 9:41 am on August 7th. Officers found the body of a dead woman on arrival in the water park.

The case is still being investigated and it’s unclear at this point in time whether the woman was also playing Pokemon Go or whether the crime was committed elsewhere and her body was dumped in the water.

Azmi remarked that he had heard about Pokemon Go players getting robbed, trespassing, and even finding dead bodies but all of those news stories came from other countries. “I did not think it will happen in Singapore and to myself,” he said.

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