ios 9 siriFor the longest time ever, Siri remained closed off to developers, meaning that whatever Siri was capable of was pretty much limited to whatever Apple decided they wanted it to do. All of that changed when iOS 10 was launched in which Apple opened up Siri to developers, thus allowing the voice assistant to go beyond its current capabilities.


Now reading and sending messages, as well as making phone calls is something Siri has no problem doing, but it looks like that feature could soon be extended to WhatsApp. Right now those features are pretty much limited to Apple’s Messages and Phone app, but like we said, with Siri opening up, it looks like WhatsApp is planning on taking advantage of it.

This is according to the breakdown of permissions that were used in the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS, in which it was discovered that there were references made to allow Siri to read and send WhatsApp messages, as well as make voice calls. Presumably these changes will go live when iOS 10 is released, which we’re not sure when exactly that will take place.

No doubt this is rather exciting stuff as it will open up a lot of doors. With Amazon’s Alexa currently being one of the more popular voice assistants right now, and with Google Assistant, it sure looks like Apple picked a great time to start expanding Siri’s capabilities.

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