If you tend to watch YouTube frequently on the biggest screen in your home then you will be interested to find out that the YouTube app for TV has received a big update. The latest version of this app features an improved user interface that organizes categories in a much better fashion. It’s all geared towards providing the best YouTube experience to people watching it on TV in the living room.

YouTube says that more than half of the 18 to 49-year old demographic in the United States have watched YouTube on TV which goes to show that despite the fact that we have YouTube on our smartphones and tablets, many of us still tend to stream it on TVs.

Its data shows that people tend to watch specific kinds of videos when they are streaming YouTube on TV. This includes news, fitness videos, sports, and more. Kids tune in to watch cartoons and family-friendly shows.

The focus with the new interface was to make it easier for users to find such content. Categories are now placed on the top of the screen with options such as “Recommended,” “Trending,” “Entertainment,” “News,” and much more. A section has also been dedicated to videos available for streaming in 4K resolution.

The updated YouTube app is now being rolled out today across the United States on all TV platforms with Apple TV being the only exception. The app will be rolled out in other markets in the coming weeks.

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