Spotify is the most widely used music streaming service across the globe. It has more than 100 million subscribers with 30 million of them paying for its premium service. Apple Music seeks to replace Spotify and take its position. One of the ways it can do that is by offering the service to users at a lower rate and that’s preciously what Apple is now doing, however, there is a caveat.


Apple has started selling 12-month Apple Music gift cards in the United States which cost $99. Those who are willing to pay $99 upfront can get a year’s worth of Apple Music for this price. That’s the only caveat here.

Divide this amount by 12 and you get $8.25 as the effective per month subscription rate. Spotify currently charges $9.99 and so does Apple Music for its monthly subscription. You need to buy the $99 gift card if you want the lower rate.

The new Apple Music gift card is now available for purchase from the company’s retail stores across the country as well as through retailers including Walmart, Best Buy, and PayPal’s eBay store. The company isn’t selling the 12 month subscription online, through iTunes, iOS or the web.

Spotify does sell gift cards for a 12 month subscription as well but they are priced at $120, the same amount you would pay if you subscribed to the service on the monthly $9.99 plan.

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