bing_ampNobody likes waiting, and even in today’s technological landscape where we have access to fast internet, it seems that it isn’t quite fast enough, which is why endeavors such as Facebook’s Instant Articles and Google’s AMP have launched, where clicking on a link will open up the website more or less immediately.

As you might have heard, Google is expanding its AMP efforts by listing AMP websites in its search results, and now it looks like Microsoft wants in on the action as well. The company has announced that they have updated its Bing app which will now support AMP, meaning that if you’re more of a Bing user than Google user, you’ll have no problems accessing instant websites via the Bing app.

According to Marcelo De Barros, Group Engineering Manager in charge of the AMP integration at Bing, “We started experimenting with AMP in our Bing App last May and have noticed that AMP pages load, on average, approximately 80% faster than non-AMP pages. Lighter pages also translate into less data being transferred over the network, requiring less network bandwidth to be downloaded.”

Just like with Google Search, pages that are AMP supported will show a lightning icon. The changes should already be live on the iOS and Android version of the app, so the next time you’re browsing the web via Bing, keep an eye out for AMP websites if you’d like to cut down on your waiting time.

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