When it comes to traveling, most of us own luggages, and for the most part they’re pretty standard. Sure, some of us might own smart luggages with tags on them to track them in the event they’re lost, but if you’re looking for a new luggage system, you might be interested to learn that Bugaboo has launched the Boxer.

For those who are parents, Bugaboo might be a brand familiar to you guys as a creator of high-end strollers. However it looks like the company is expanding beyond strollers and are looking to enter the suitcase market with the Boxer, but these aren’t just regular suitcases as they have been designed to be modular.

What do we mean? At its core, the Boxer consists of a frame with wheels in which its user can choose from a variety of modular case compartments. This means that depending on your needs, you can choose from a smaller cabin case and snap on a daypack, or you could opt for a larger check-in suitcase.

Bugaboo is also leveraging their experience in the stroller market by creating a luggage that they claim is light and easy to maneuver. We have to say that it is a pretty stylish and clever idea, but unfortunately it does not come cheap as it is priced starting at $1,030. More details can be found in the video above or on its website.

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