Microsoft’s Edge browser might not necessarily be the most feature-rich browser, but if there’s one thing you can’t say it isn’t, it would be that it isn’t secure. Microsoft has recently announced a new feature called Windows Defender Application Guard that will help protect the browser from any attempts from hacking.


While we suppose many developers do try to make their software unhackable, what Microsoft has done is rather interesting. According to Microsoft, “Windows Defender Application Guard uses virtualization-based security technology to protect against advanced attacks coming from the Internet, helping to protect the enterprise’s devices, employees, data and even their corporate networks.”

What does this mean? Basically what Microsoft has done is make its Edge browser run inside a virtual computer. This means that it is kept separate from processes such as storage, as well as the Windows 10 Kernel, so in the event that the browser is hack, it will be contained within the virtual PC and will not affect the rest of the computer, or other computers on the network.

However for now it seems that this feature is only available for Windows 10 Enterprise customers, which we guess makes sense since the features do seem to target enterprise users, but who knows, maybe it could become a feature for all Windows 10 users one day.

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