Google Drive is one of the most widely used cloud storage services and that’s because everyone who makes a Gmail email address gets a whole bunch of cloud storage space for free. One of the most common uses of Google Drive is to store documents which are often downloaded, edited locally, and then reuploaded to Drive. This results in duplicate files which can be a pain to manage. Fortunately, Google has made some tweaks which now makes Drive more capable of managing duplicate files.

Google has made a change in Drive to deduplicate files which were initially uploaded in the way described above. Now, when users upload files with the same filename as an existing file, the file will automatically be deduplicated.

The old file will remain accessible in the revision history so if any mistakes are made or users simply need to revert back to the old version, that remains an option. This change also applies to folders so uploaded folders with the same name will be merged as well.

Users have the option to prevent files from being deduplicated. To make that happen they just have to click on “Keep as separate file” once their file or folder has been uploaded to Drive.

This change is going to be gradually released for all Drive users across the globe over the next two weeks.

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