ios-5-jailbreakIt is easy to see why some people might consider jailbreaking to be illegal. After all you’re essentially hacking the operating system through security loopholes to gain deeper access into a system you weren’t supposed to. However in case you did not know, jailbreaking is actually not considered illegal.


Now that we know that, is selling a jailbroken iPhone illegal? Apparently in Japan, the answer is yes. According to reports, a man from the Toyama prefecture was recently arrested on suspicion of selling jailbroken iPhones, which apparently constitutes as a trademark violation. The man in question, 24-year old Daisuke Ikeda, reportedly sold 5 jailbroken iPhones for a total of $1,186.

According to Ikeda, he told investigators during a voluntary round of questioning that he only did it because he wanted to earn some pocket money. The jailbroken phones were also said to contain a cracked version of the Monster Strike game, a very popular game in Japan, that allows gamers to access characters that can be used to defeat difficult bosses.

Like we said, in some parts of the world jailbreaking isn’t illegal. However it is possible that actions such as jailbreaking and rooting can actually void your device’s warranty since it was never the company’s intention to cover those activities in the first place.

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