monster-hunterMonster Hunter, a game about players fighting and killing monsters, salvaging parts to craft new weapons and armor, sounds pretty fun right? So what about taking that and turning it into a movie? Will a concept that works for video games work for movies? In the past that has never really turned out that well, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from trying.

During the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom producer Ryozo Tsujimoto announced that Hollywood has plans to make a live-action Monster Hunter movie. Details are pretty scarce right now, but according to Tsujimoto, development is already underway. We have no idea who will be producing, who will be directing, who will be writing the script, and who will be acting.

We don’t even know when the movie will be released, but if you’re a fan of the Monster Hunter franchise, we guess this is something that could be worth looking forward to. That being said, we are skeptical. In the past we have seen movie after movie based around video games flopped. Even the Warcraft movie which was based on a franchise more than a decade old kind of bombed.

Granted it did well in China, but that’s pretty much the only market in which the movie made its money, leading some to question if we will ever see a sequel. In any case we guess eventually there will be a video game movie that turns out well, and right now some are thinking that the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie starring Michael Fassbender could be it.

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