Just the other day Capcom announced that a live-action movie adaptation of Mega Man would be made, but it seems that is not all Capcom has to announce. The company has also recently confirmed that a live-action movie adaptation of its Monster Hunter franchise would be made as well.

While the Monster Hunter franchise has always been a popular one, the success of Monster Hunter: World which managed to sell over 50 million copies has helped catapult the franchise further into the mainstream’s consciousness. The movie will be produced by Constantin Films where Paul W. S. Anderson will be writing and directing it.

According to Capcom’s very brief description, “The film will depict two protagonists who come from different worlds and must cooperate in fighting monsters in order to survive.” The movie will also star Milla Jovovich and Ron Perlman, both of whom have had extensive experience in the “monster” genre, with Jovovich best-known for her role in the Resident Evil movies (also by Capcom), and Perlman who had previously played as Hellboy.

Anderson had previously spoken highly of the franchise and stated why he thinks the franchise is so appealing. “What I love about Monster Hunter is the incredibly beautiful, immersive world they’ve created. It’s on the level of like a Star Wars movie, in terms of world creation. There are no real central characters so it’s a bit like when we first approached Resident Evil and imposed our own characters and story on that world. I think this is a perfect IP for us to do exactly that same thing again.” No word on when we can expect the movie to be released, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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