nikon_d3400_10In the full-frame mirrorless department, Sony has pretty much led the charge with its A7 series of cameras which have proven to be quite a success. With this success, we wouldn’t be surprised if more camera makers were to hop on board, and it looks like a potential contender would be Nikon.

Speaking during Photokina 2016, Nikon’s European Product Group Manager Jordi Brinkman made some comments that seemed to hint at a full-frame mirrorless camera in the future. In an interview with Amateur Photographer, Brinkman was quoted as saying, “When you are talking about larger sensor mirrorless, this is definitely also a market we are officially monitoring in detail and we are really considering this segment.”

He then got more specific by referencing Sony’s A7 cameras in an interview with Camera Jabber. “This is a growing sector, and the Sony Alpha 7 series is particularly strong. Those cameras bring innovation, a new level of technology. They’re faster, lighter, the autofocus and movie technology – they bring that kind of innovation that is demanded.” While he notes that such a camera isn’t in development at Nikon, he says that it is on their radar.

“I’m not saying we’re announcing a full-frame mirrorless camera, but it’s definitely something we’re analysing a lot, looking at the market very closely; it’s on our radar.” He adds that should Nikon decide to enter such a market, they would have to think of how their cameras would add value compared to existing solutions, so until then Nikon fans and hopefuls probably shouldn’t hold their breath.

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