For the last couple of months there have been a couple of accidents involving Tesla cars and its semi-autonomous Autopilot driving system, one of them was a fatal accident in which the driver did not survive. Unfortunately, another such accident has taken place in The Netherlands. The driver of this Tesla Model S has passed away.

It’s unclear at this point in time whether Autopilot was activated on this Model S before the accident took place. Tesla has maintained its position on all previous accidents which is that the Autopilot feature is not to blame.

According to a report, the driver of this Model S was 53 years old and he passed away after his Model S left the road and crashed into a tree at very high speeds. The car caught fire almost immediately and firefights faced extreme difficulty in trying to extinguish the flames.

NOS, a news broadcast station in The Netherlands, has reported that Tesla personnel came to the scene in order to find out the case of this accident. “Technical personnel are on the scene, and we are working with the authorities to establish the facts of the incident and offer our full cooperation,” said a spokesperson for Tesla to Business Insider, adding that it’s deeply saddened to hear that this accident claimed a human life.

Tesla promises to share its findings on this accident as soon as it can following the investigation.

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