It has been a few months since Xiaomi unveiled its first Android TV-powered set-top box. The company did say that this device will be released in the United States within the next couple of months but it’s yet to be confirmed when it will be launched and how much it’s going to cost. The Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV set-top box has now been spotted at a Walmart store with a price tag of $69.

The Mi Box is going to be Xiaomi’s first big product launch in the United States as the company seeks to establish a strong footing in this lucrative market. The box features a simple design and power internals that provide it with the ability to stream video content in 4K UHD resolution.

According to a report, there’s a Walmart location in the country that appears to be actually selling the as-yet unreleased Xiaomi Mi Box for $69. The suggests that since the company has started shipping inventory to retailers it may not be long before Xiaomi officially confirms the release of this set-top box.

It merits mentioning here that even though Xiaomi has confirmed some details about this device it’s yet to confirm how much it’s going to cost in the United States. If it does cost $69 officially then it’s certainly going to be a very enticing proposition for folks who want to buy an Android TV set-top box. That’s actually the Xiaomi way of doing things, it’s best known for making good products and pricing them very competitively.

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