apple_logoThere are many surnames that are shared around the world, and it’s pretty difficult to find one that isn’t already used. For example my surname is “Lee”, which is a pretty common name used in China and Korea, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we are all related somehow (there is that argument for being very far removed cousins, but that’s a debate for another day).

It seems that this was something that was lost on Apple when they refused to refund a customer his iPhone 7 after they had somehow mistaken him for being the former (and deceased) president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. Because of that, the simple and straightforward process of being refunded for a £799 iPhone 7 he bought for his sister turned into something of a mess.

Speaking to The Sun, the man in question is called Sharakat Hussain, and according to his story, he was apparently told that he was on a “Government Denied Parties” list of people that Apple is legally forbidden to sell products to. “I thought the email was spam and was stunned to learn it was real. I was furious being linked to Saddam.”

However Apple has since come to their senses and have vowed to help Hussain out with his refund, and have also offered their apologies for the mixup.

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