Conventional car manufacturers are racing to establish a footing in the all-electric car market and BMW certainly does not want to be left behind. The company confirmed last week that it’s going to release an all-electric version of the BMW X3 crossover as well as the iconic Mini. This move is going to mark a significant improvement in BMW’s electric car portfolio which is destined for an increase in the coming years.


BMW has a history of competing in the electric car market. Its offerings include the i3 which first came out in 2013 as well as the BMW i8. Plug-in versions of many of its cars have also been released over the past few years.

The German manufacturer is certainly serious about its future in the electric car market and new models will help solidify its position against rivals like Tesla and General Motors who are both coming out with mass-market electric cars.

Range is something that people will be interested in finding out, perhaps even more so than the price, because that’s really what makes or breaks an all-electric car. BMW hasn’t provided any details about the all-electric X3 and Mini but CEO Harald Krueger has said that they will be competitive in terms of range and price when they are released in 2019.

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