caiba_robot_1[CEATEC 2016] The problem with using humans as customer service personnel is that sometimes people get sick, or sometimes people don’t know what you  want, or sometimes in the case of tourism, not all customer service personnel can speak/understand the language. This can be a hindrance, but the CAIBA robot will solve that.

CAIBA is a robot that can be controlled remotely by a user wearing a headset. The robot itself comes with a head-mounted display and a camera, so this allows its pilot to see through its eyes, and with a controller, even control its movements to provide that sense of “humanness”, something that companies such as Softbank and Fujitsu are working towards.

caiba_robot_2It also comes with microphones and speakers, so that its pilot can hear and respond to any questions. The idea of CAIBA is to provide customer service remotely through robots, so like in the example we gave above, because CAIBA can be controlled remotely, it can be linked to a multilingual support center so that when it hears queries in various languages, different pilots can take over and respond in kind.

At the moment CAIBA is being rolled out in airports around the world. With the robot only weighing 2 kg, it makes it relatively portable so that it can be transported around to be used in various locations if necessary.

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