fujitsu_robopin_1[CEATEC 2016] Interfacing with a computer can feel rather “cold”. Unless your focus is on 100% efficiency, you know that there’s nothing that can beat the human touch when it comes to customer service. This is particularly evident in industries like Japan where they are famous for their level of customer service.

However employing humans also means having to deal with certain variables out of a company’s control, and Fujitsu might have come up with a way to solve that with a cute little robot called Robopin. According to the company, the Robopin is meant to provide a humanized experience when dealing with AI/computers through various little emotions that it can display.

fujitsu_robopin_2For example it has the ability to display a range of emotions, sometimes a combination, such as happiness, liveliness, sleepiness, or even unhappiness. According to the Fujitsu rep, the Robopin’s emotion is determined by the number of people around it, so the more people there are, the more lively it will be.

Some potential uses of the Robopin include the ability to provide information such as directions to people. The company even suggests that multiple Robopins could be linked up together to create some kind of multi-robot system. Fujitsu is certainly not the first company to consider robots as a medium for customer interaction. If you might recall, Softbank also has a robot that has been available in certain markets called Pepper.

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