panasonic-listnr-1[CEATEC 2016] Baby monitors are a dime a dozen, but as we push into the age of connected objects and IoT, naturally the humble baby monitor needs to step up its game and do more than just act as a radio. Cerevo seems to think so as well which is why the company has created the Listnr.

The Listnr connects to WiFi and features a speaker in which it is able to pick up sounds, namely the sounds made by your baby. Thanks to the use of Panasonic’s voice recognition technology, the device will also be able tell how your baby is feeling. For example it can be used to detect laughter, crying, babbling, and growling, all of which is a different emotion for your baby.

panasonic-listnr-2The device can then display a variety of colors to depict said emotion. Those emotions can also be transmitted to an accompanying smartphone app in which it can even show you that in a day, how often your baby cries, laughs, and so on. This could be useful for parents who might otherwise be working and not with their baby all the time.

Cerevo’s Listnr is already available for purchase and can also be ordered in the US where it is priced at $139.

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