china-nintendo-switchDespite Nintendo announcing the Switch a year ago (when it was known as the NX), it took the company more than a year to officially reveal what the console looks like. The reason behind it was because Nintendo was worried that by revealing the console too early, their competitors might steal their ideas.

However there is a question of who might have copied whom? Over in China, it seems that a local company by the name of Aikun Electronics might have come up with the idea before Nintendo did, and even got it to the market an entire year before Nintendo’s official reveal. This was actually discovered by the folks at Notebook Italia (via Kotaku) back in October 2015.

The device in question, the Morpheus X300, isn’t an exact replica of the Switch but as you can tell from the photo above, it does seem to sport very similar designs. The X300 does not have a dock but it does have removable controls. Now we’re not saying that Nintendo copied Aikun’s design, but we have to say it is pretty ironic that despite Nintendo’s secrecy and worry that they might get copied, it now looks as though the Switch might not necessarily be as unique as we had thought after all.

Not to mention it was only several months ago that we started to get an inkling of what the Switch could look like, so it’s not as though the design was sitting around waiting to be copied. In any case what do you guys make of this? Pretty funny how things work out, isn’t it?

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