elephone-s7Elephone might not necessarily be a brand you hear talked about in the US when it comes to smartphones. You might not even have seen their products before, but it seems that the company is marketing its new smartphone, the Elephone S7, as an “explosion-proof” device, which we can only assuming is capitalizing on Samsung’s misfortunes.

The specs of the Elephone S7 isn’t all that impressive and to be honest, it really does feel like a copy of the Samsung Galaxy S7. However like we said, it does come with features that are interesting, if not a bit gimmicky. The company is boasting that the phone has triple protection against explosions.

This includes a battery that has been completely tested, an explosion-proof membrane, and a tough TPU shell that is also apparently “explosion-proof”. This seems to suggest that should the phone decide to catch on fire and explode, the membrane and the TPU shell should at the very least minimize the damage that has been caused.

Now we’re not sure how many of us actually need such a device, but we guess if it does provide some customers with that peace of mind, why not? In the meantime the phone is being sold for $140 and if you are interested in getting your hands on it, head on over to its website for the details.

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