Elon Musk does many things, but if you’re looking forward to asking him some questions, you will have to keep them limited to his vision for SpaceX. Musk is going to be hosting an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit later today. The Q&A will be hosted on the SpaceX subreddit so that there’s no confusion about the topic. The subreddit’s moderators have made it clear that Musk will only answer questions about his space company and not his electric car company Tesla or other interests such as SolarCity and Hyperloop.


People will certainly have a lot of questions to ask Musk about SpaceX. It’s certainly one of the most ambitious private space companies out there, Musk himself announced recently that SpaceX plans to kick off its Mars missions as early as 2018.

There are still a lot of details about SpaceX’s Mars plans that aren’t public yet so we can expect people to ask him about that. Who knows, Musk might even reveal something about the plans that he hasn’t said anything about before, so it will surely be interesting to see how this AMA pans out.

Musk may also have to answer questions about the recent explosion of a Falcon 9 rocket in Florida since SpaceX hasn’t really gone into detail about what caused the explosion. Head over to the SpaceX subreddit for more information about the AMA which is scheduled for later today.

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