It was recently confirmed that renowned car designer Henrik Fisker has launched a new electric car company called Fisker Inc., and that he’s going to provide more information about the company’s first car soon. The new company’s first car is going to be called Fisker EMotion, it aims to “redefine premium, all-electric luxury” by being the first sedan to promise a 400 mile range on a single charge.

The Fisker EMotion has been designed as a luxury sport sedan “with a sculptural body and greenhouse emphasizing aerodynamics.” It’s going to have a large curved front windscreen pushed forward, diving into a bonnet that’s extremely low. There’s going to be an integrated spoiler on the back as well as an “aggressive functional diffusor” to help with the car’s aerodynamic efficiency.

It’s promised that this all-electric car will be able to achieve a top speed of 161 miles per hour and provide a 400 mile range on a single charge. That’s going to be quite an achievement. The car will have a composite, carbon fiber, and aluminum structure with new battery technology that uses graphene. Battery packs will be produced by Fisker Nanotech.


The company also says that the EMotion is going to come with all of the hardware required for fully autonomous driving “when approved and released by a soon-to-be-announced” partnered supplier. Fisker EMotion is going to be produced in a facility in the United States, first deliveries will be confirmed after the car is properly unveiled in mid-2017.

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