Legendary car designer Henrik Fisker is trying his hand at making electric cars yet again. His company Fisker Inc. showed off a concept of its first electric car in October last year. The company has now released new images of what’s going to be the production EMotion electric car from Fisker. These are actual images of the actual car, not just renders.

The new Fisker EMotion electric car images show us the car in its aluminum and carbon fiber body for the first time. The company has also confirmed the price of this vehicle.

It’s going to cost $129,900 to start. Customers will get an ultra-large battery back that promises a 400 mile+ range as well as a top speed of 161 miles-per-hour.

The company has previously confirmed that the car is built using carbon fiber and aluminum. It also features a unique frontal crash structure that’s patented, the structure is designed to improve safety. It even includes patented fast charging technology that can provide 100 miles of range in nine minutes of charging.

Fisker might be showing off its new electric car today but the company won’t actually be shipping any until 2019. The images do a very good job of showing how the car has transitioned from being a concept to an actual product.

Interested customers to can afford to spend at least $130,000 on a car will be able to place their pre-orders for the Fisker EMotion starting June 30th. More details about the car are going to be revealed later this month.

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