survey-gamersDigital or physical, which would you prefer when it comes to games? There are of course arguments to be made for both sides, such as how digital saves space in your closet, and how it’s more convenient and less of a hassle because you won’t have to worry about losing the disc when switching between computers/consoles.

You also don’t have to wait for your order to arrive as you can download it straight away. Now based on that, it almost sounds like digital is the way to go, but a recent survey conducted by MCVUK has revealed that the majority of gamers still prefer their games to come on physical formats.

As you can see in the graph above, it shows that overall, 77.1% of gamers prefer their games physical. Interestingly enough when broken down by gender, the survey found that more men prefer their games digital than women, although overall the majority of men still preferred owning a physical copy of the game.

It is interesting that despite all the advantages of digital that many are still preferring physical. This is especially so when you think about how computer manufacturers are starting to omit optical drives with their desktops/laptops, but what say you? Do you fall into the physical or digital category?

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