google-photosAre you a user of Google Photos? If you are, you might be interested to learn that Google has recently updated the app with four new features, features that might come in handy especially if you are a pretty heavy Google Photos user or if you are particularly reliant on the service, or even if you browse the service every now and then.

According to Google, “Today we’re bringing you four new features for Google Photos — three new ways for you to relive and the share moments that matter, and a quick way to fix some of those pesky sideways photos in your collection.” The first feature seems to have to do with rediscovering old photos, where Google Photos will try to search older photos that contain the same people in your more recent snaps.

The second feature is aimed at users who take a ton of photos and are trying to look for the best one, or at least the one that’s determined to be the best by Google’s algorithm. The third feature is animation. Google Photos can animate various photos and can even create videos, but this feature animates videos, or to be more specific, portions of a video that contain some kind of activity so that you can share that particular scene without having to share the entire video.

Last but not least, we reckon this feature is probably the most useful in which Google will try to find photos that are sideways and make them the right way. If you have a ton of photos in your archive that need some “righting”, this feature should save you a ton of time. These new features should already be live across all the platforms that Google Photos is available on.

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