Virtual reality is still a new craze that’s gradually being adopted by more and more people across the globe. The companies that have already released proper headsets include the likes of Oculus and HTC. These are tethered headsets that require a powerful PC to function and provide an immersive VR experience. HTC has now teamed up with HP to offer a Vive VR bundle to bring down the cost of entry for those who are buying a headset for the first time and also need a powerful PC to use it with.


This bundle includes the HP Envy 750-415VHR desktop PC as well as the HTC Vive headset for $1,499. The headset normally costs $800 while the PC alone can cost up to $1,000 so if you go for this bundle you will end up saving a few hundred dollars.

The HP Envy 750-415VHR features 8GB RAM, 128GB flash storage with a 1TB hard drive, and a Radeon RX 480 graphics card. A keyboard and mouse happen to be included in the bundle as well. All you will need to buy after you’ve bought this bundle is a monitor. Two free games are included as well, theBlu: Encounter and The Lab are free with this bundle.

If you’re interested in picking one up you will have to wait patiently because HTC has said that the bundle is going to be sold through its website this holiday season so it may take up to a couple of months for the bundle to go on sale.

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