shadow-of-the-tomb-raiderWe have been constantly warned about using free public WiFi because it might not be secure, meaning that if you use it to send or receive sensitive information, it might not be the best idea. However the same could also be said about working on sensitive information while in public, which is what seems to have happened here.

According to a photo submitted by Redditor Tripleh280, it seems that he spotted someone with an open laptop on the subway that could have potentially revealed the next of the next and third installment of the Tomb Raider game, which if the document is accurate, will be known as “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”.

Speaking to Polygon, Tripleh280 said, “I was looking at my phone and next to me was this guy working on a powerpoint. Out of curiosity i took a look to see what he was working [on]. That’s when I saw the logo for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I work downtown Montreal so I know that many game studios are in the area so I assumed it possibly real and was the name of the next Tomb Raider game. From where i was standing, I couldn’t see much other than the page he was one talked about visual design.”

Now it is possible that it could have been just about anything, ranging from a book, comic, fan fiction, and so on, but Polygon has pointed out that its title does seem to be in line with the naming scheme that has been used in the previous two releases. When asked to comment, a Square Enix rep said, “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation.”

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