nintendo-switchThe Nintendo Switch was unveiled last week and from what we gathered based on the preview trailer, the Switch is a tablet-like console that can also be attached to a dock if users want to play it on the big screen, but can be undocked and taken on the go if gamers prefer a more mobile experience.


Now we’re sure some are wondering, if the heart of the console is inside the tablet-like device, does that mean Nintendo could potentially sell the Switch without the dock? The answer is no, or at least that’s according to a post on Let’s Play Video Games by Laura Dale in which she has heard from their source at Nintendo that the console will not be sold separately.

According to Dale, it seems that this was something the company had initially planned in which the console could be sold separately without a dock. However they were worried that customers would be confused and think that the console could be connected to the TV without a dock, and to avoid any confusion, they decided to sell the console as is.

This might be disappointing news for some gamers who are hoping that a console-only option would help make the Switch cheaper, although to be fair we have no idea how much the console is priced at the moment so it’s hard to say if it will be a pricey affair to begin with. More information about the Switch, such as pricing, is only expected to be revealed in 2017.

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