Oculus has kept fans waiting a long time for the Touch controllers. The company’s third annual developers conference is underway and we expected that it will provide more information about the Touch controllers during the keynote. The company has finally confirmed Oculus Touch price and release date officially. It has also confirmed when pre-orders will be open.

The Oculus Touch controllers add hand-tracking to the virtual reality headset. The controllers feature analog sticks, triggers, and face buttons which allow users to naturally control their avatar’s hands in virtual reality. Finger gestures such as thumbs up or more complex gestures like waving and picking up objects in VR is possible using the Touch controllers.

The Oculus Rift headset has been out for a few months now but many would have felt that the experience was incomplete without Touch. They weren’t wrong, Touch controllers bring a whole new dimension to the VR experiences available to Rift users that just wasn’t possible before.


Oculus Touch controllers are priced at $199 and they will start shipping in volume on December 6th. Pre-orders will be open online and via retail stores on October 10th. Room scale is supported as well, the required hardware costs $79 and will also start shipping December 6th.

The company also confirmed that Touch controllers will be launching alongside dozens of new VR games which will harness the power of the controllers.

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