panasonic-smart-makeup-mirror-1[CEATEC 2016] The idea of a smart mirror/interactive mirror has come up before, and it looks like Panasonic has one of their own that they’re showing off at CEATEC 2016 in Japan this year. However unlike other smart mirrors which are usually act as some kind of notification hub for the weather, upcoming meetings, news, and more, Panasonic has a different approach.

panasonic-smart-makeup-mirror-2Its smart mirror actually has the ability to identify your “flaws”. By that we don’t mean that it will be able to tell you that you’re lazy, or that you’re too self-absorbed, nope, we don’t mean that kind of flaws. Instead it can actually point out flaws on your face so that if you’re putting on makeup, it will be able to tell you what else you might need. On top of that, there is even a little printer that can print a combination pad that consists of foundation and concealer to help you “fix” those areas.

panasonic-smart-makeup-mirror-3However it should be noted that all of this doesn’t happen instantly, at least not at this point in time. For example the makeup printer itself will take a few minutes to produce the makeup, and apparently you will need a day for the makeup to dry and settle before it can be applied. Even then it seems that it does not appear to be like conventional makeup. It seems to be like some kind of mask where you apply it on your face, peel it off and the residue it leaves behind is meant to be some kind of makeup/coverup.

Given the rather lengthy process it seems unlikely that it will be used in the fashion industry such as during shows where things are fast-paced. Perhaps we could see its application at makeup stores, dermatological clinics, hospitals, and so on.

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