Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean has been a rather successful franchise, and it looks like Disney has no plans on stopping their milking of it. In case you did not know, a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be released in 2017. Dubbed Dead Men Tell No Tales, the first teaser trailer for the upcoming movie has been released.


Interestingly enough the trailer does not feature the iconic Jack Sparrow as portrayed by Johnny Depp. Instead we get a look at the antagonist of the upcoming film, Captain Salazar who is played by the extremely talented Javier Bardem. The franchise has typically been a rather lighthearted affair, but this teaser certainly paints a rather grim picture. Then again, it is possible that the movie will play out differently but we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Unfortunately for fans of Keira Knightley, it seems that the actress won’t be returning for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean installment (she skipped the fourth movie as well), but we will be seeing some familiar faces, such as Orlando Bloom who will reprise his role as Will Turner, and Geoffrey Rush who will pick up the mantle as Barbossa again.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is expected to see a release come March 2017, so until then we guess this teaser trailer will have to do.

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