vineIf you’re looking for short and sweet content, Vine is the perfect place to look for them, namely thanks to the app’s 6 second video limit. Or at least it used to be the perfect place until YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram started to gain more traction, so much so that Twitter announced that they would be shutting the app and service down.

Now according to a report from Mic, they have revealed that some of the platform’s biggest stars had reportedly tried to strike up a deal that could have potentially saved the app, by asking for $1.2 million each to produce 12 pieces of monthly original content, or about 3 Vines per week, in which they claim that it would have generated billions of views and help boost engagement.

The report claims that there were about 18 Vine stars who were part of the negotiations, but by the time the meetings were held, some of the platform’s biggest names had already started to move onto other platforms, and were posting on their other social media pages to check out their Instagram or YouTube pages.

One of Vine’s stars who is also a popular YouTuber, sWooZie, said, “I like YouTube because YouTube is very in touch with creators. They do little things, like, ‘Here’s a $1,000 gift card for some camera equipment.’ Without personalities on your platform, all you have is cat videos and random things people send to each other. It’s junk, and people will leave.”

So far it doesn’t look like anyone will be swooping in to save Vine, that is unless Pornhub’s recent offer was real, which means that in the next few months we expect the service to eventually fade into obscurity.

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