netflix logoIs streaming Netflix in 4K on your PC something that you’ve been dying to do? For some reason this option has not been enabled for PC users for a while, despite it being available on other platforms and devices, at least until now. In an announcement on Microsoft’s website, it looks like 4K Netflix streaming is finally here.


However it seems that there are several catches in order for you to stream Netflix. For starters you will need to have Windows 10 installed on your PC. Given the adoption rate we are seeing for the operating system, we guess this shouldn’t really be an issue. The second catch is that you will have to stream Netflix via the Microsoft Edge browser in order to get 4K, so if you’re using the dedicated Windows 10 app, you’ll have to make the switch.

Then again Microsoft’s Edge browser has been getting some positive feedback, so it’s not such a bad thing to switch. The last catch might not be so easy to overcome. According to Microsoft, “To run Netflix in 4K on a PC device, it must have a 4K-capable screen and use a 7th Gen Intel Core Processor.” Yup, 4K streaming for Netflix on Windows 10 will require users to own an Intel Kaby Lake processor.

If your system is older than that, there’s no way to overcome this hurdle unless you were to upgrade your PC. However if you meet all the requirements, including owning a 4K display, then you’re good to go!

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