lg-ultrafine-displaysAlongside the announcement of the new MacBook Pros, Apple also unveiled their new standalone displays in the form of the LG Ultrafine monitors. Unfortunately just like the MacBook Pros, the LG Ultrafine monitors aren’t cheap and are priced starting at $700 for the 21.5-inch 4K model.

Add that to the complaints that the new MacBook Pros are too pricey, and you’ve got yourself an angry mob on your hands, but the good news is that Apple has decided to appease the mob with a very rare discount offering. The company has decided to knock 25% off the price of the LG Ultrafine monitors, making the 27-inch 5K display priced at $974, a $325 cut from its original price of $1,299.95.

The 4K version has also been discounted and instead of being priced at $700, $175 has been knocked off making it a slightly more affordable $524. It also seems that Apple has made similar price cuts to its dongles and accessories, like the USB-C adapters which according to them, will help make the transition from USB-A to USB-C easier.

Now this is a very rare move by Apple as rarely do they announce discounts, let alone such big discounts. Unfortunately it is not a permanent price cut as it will only last until the end of the year, so this means if you want to get in on it, you’ll want to do so before the year is out. For more information or to get your hands on the discounted accessories and peripherals, head on over to Apple’s website.

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