blips-smartphoneMacro photography is pretty awesome as it lets you get up close and personal and see a lot of details that we would normally miss. However if you wanted to go even closer on a microscopic level, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Blips stickers for your smartphone are now available for the public to purchase.


For those who are wondering why this sounds so familiar, it is because earlier this year, the Blips sticker was announced and launched on Kickstarter. Basically these are stickers that you paste over the lens of your smartphone camera which in turn gives it microscope-like functionality.

There are actually two versions to choose from: a macro version that allows magnification of about 10 times, and the micro version that according to the company, “Blips Micro can recognize details of about 1/7000 inch (≈1/275 mm), so distinguishing cells or other inhabitants of the micro-world. BLIPS Micro is less than 1/20 inch (≈1.2mm) high, and it turns your phone into a real digital microscope.”

Whether or not you would actually need such a detailed microscope function for your smartphone is up to you. We also can’t attest to its effectiveness so this is something you’ll have to find out for yourself. The Blips stickers are currently available for pre-order starting at $30, so hit up its website for the details.

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