The OLED TV market has more or less been cornered by Korean giants like LG and Samsung. Their display affiliates are the ones that are supplying OLED panels to other manufacturers so they basically have a virtual monopoly on the market. Chinese manufacturers have been trying to compete as well and they are now ready to push their homegrown OLED technology into the market.

BOE, one of the biggest display panel manufacturers in China, has teamed up with manufacturer Skyworth to introduce an indigenously produced OLED TV. The companies plan to launch this TV in both Chinese and European markets. They’re planning to carve a space for themselves in the OLED market that doesn’t have much competition right now.

Skyworth recently launched its OLED TV at the 18th HighTech Fair in Shenzhen. This is the first time that an OLED TV with a Chinese panel has been launched. Skyworth has been making OLED TVs since 2013 but it had been sourcing panels from LG Display for those televisions.

OLED TV panel suppliers from South Korea are likely to retain their lead for a couple of years as Chinese manufacturers will certainly require time to bring up the yield and cut down costs enough to compete with their Korean rivals.

The company is now planning to release the indigenously produced OLED TV in China and across Europe from next year. It’s unclear at this point in time if the U.S. market is on its radar as well, it may very well be, as Chinese companies are increasingly focusing on efforts to break into the lucrative U.S. market.

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