Parrot-Minidrone-Mambo-09As fun as drones are, they can also be used for illegal purposes, such as making drops in prison for drugs, cash, and weapons. Or they can also be used for illegal surveillance where they can spy on others. They can also be a nuisance where people trying to get footage might get in the way of emergency responders who are trying to do their job.

This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that German company Deutsche Telekom has revealed their plans to create an anti-drone system. This system is expected to be placed in public places such as airports, stadiums, car test tracks, and critical infrastructures, according to German weekly Welt am Sonntag to whom Deutsche Telekom confirmed their plans.

Apparently some companies, such as carmakers, weren’t happy about drones being used to snap photos of their prototypes while they were being tested out on race tracks. This isn’t the first time we have heard the idea of a drone defense system being brought up. Last month it was revealed that a tiny device could be used to hijack drones and send them crashing, which while potentially dangerous when in the wrong hands, could also be used by law enforcement to shut down drones found flying in illegal areas.

Drone makers themselves are trying to ensure that drone owners comply with the rules by introducing geofencing to make sure that drones don’t/can’t fly into restricted areas. Over in the US, drone owners are also required to register their drones with the FAA so in the event of any illegal activity, the drones can be traced back to its owner.

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