dji-inspire-2A couple of years ago, DJI launched their Inspire drone and in 2016, it looks like the company is back with its successor, the DJI Inspire 2. Of course there will be quite a few upgrades from its predecessor, but one of the notable changes that DJI has made to the Inspire 2 that sets it apart from the Inspire is the fact that it now sports dual cameras. We got a closer look at it at Inter Bee 2016 in Japan.


This is aimed primarily at filmmakers because the first camera, which we guess could be seen as the main one, can freely rotate 360 degrees to capture footage from any direction. As for the second camera, this is a simple, two-axis camera that allows the pilot to always see where the drone is headed. This means that it is aimed at two users: a pilot whose job is to just fly the drone, and the director who will be able to use the drone’s main camera to capture and frame the action.

Given that sometimes multitasking can get tricky, this should help ease the workload. In addition to the dual cameras, DJI has also made the Inspire 2 more resilient than its predecessor. It will feature a new magnesium-aluminum body that according to the company, will help improve the drone’s stiffness. It has also gotten a speed upgrade from 50 miles per hour to 67 miles per hour.

We are also looking at improved battery life from 18 minutes to 25 minutes, and a service ceiling of 16,400 feet above sea level. The drone will come with a self-heating dual-battery system that should keep the battery operational even in cold temperatures. As expected it will not come cheap as the Inspire 2 is set at $2,999, so like we said earlier, it seems that it is clearly earmarked more for professionals than your average hobbyist.

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