linkedin-salaryWe’ve all been there. We’re at a job interview and the interviewer asks, how much are we expecting in salary? Now this is a tricky question because you quote too low and you’re basically cheating yourself out of what you might be worth. Ask for too much and the company might think you’re too expensive.

The good news is that the folks at LinkedIn have introduced a way to compute the salary you deserve by introducing a new feature called LinkedIn Salary. All users have to do is enter a job title and a city and the tool will be able to show you the median earnings for other LinkedIn users in the city that hold a similar position.

Of course it will range from company to company and some might be more generous and some less so, but it should still give you a benchmark as to what to expect in terms of pay so that when you do go for the interview, you know how much you should be getting. The tool will also take into consideration other forms of compensation like bonus, stock options, and so on.

Now LinkedIn is definitely not the first company to offer such features as before this, Glassdoor also offered similar features. However if you’re more of a LinkedIn user then this feature could be worth checking out.

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