One of the features that Apple introduced in iOS 14 that improves on user privacy, is that the OS will notify users whenever their clipboard has been accessed by an app. This is make it a more transparent process so that users know which apps are accessing data on their devices, in case they weren’t aware before.

Thanks to this feature, a recent study has actually shown that there are more than 50 apps, some of them extremely popular, which were accessing clipboard data without the user’s knowledge. LinkedIn was one of those apps, and now it looks like the company has found themselves in a bit of legal trouble as a result.

A lawsuit has been filed against the company where the person filing the lawsuit, Adam Bauer, alleges that LinkedIn had accessed the clipboard on his iOS device without notifying him. While LinkedIn has yet to comment on the lawsuit, following the revelation that many apps had been accessing the iOS clipboard, LinkedIn (like many other companies) stated that they would be ending this practice.

While others have been caught doing the same thing, such as TikTok and Reddit, this is the first time we’re hearing about a lawsuit being filed as a result, and it looks like LinkedIn is the first target.

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