LinkedIn has released a new feature for job seekers on its platform which will enable them to leverage their network of connections as they try to find a new job. The “Ask for a Referral” feature will place a button alongside the jobs where the user knows people through the platform who work at the company that’s now seeking to hire new people. The button will let users send those connections a message through LinkedIn in order to ask them for a referral.

Job seekers will also find a new “in your network” filter which allows them to narrow down a job search to companies where they’re already connected to someone via LinkedIn. Additional filters such as “industry” or “location” can be added to further refine the results.

“The number one way job seekers on LinkedIn first discovered a job was through someone they knew, which is not surprising, as nearly 50 percent of recruiters say referrals are the leading source of quality hires,” said LinkedIn associate product manager Bryce Lewis.

Once they hit that button to ask for a referral, users will be able to choose which of their connections they want to ask in a bid to increase their chances with the recruiters. While LinkedIn will suggest some phrases to use while asking someone for a referral, it recommends that users personalize their message with information that’s relevant to the professional relationship they have with that particular client and their suitability for that job.

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