There are various factors when it comes to choosing a job. Things such as what’s expected of you, the kind of work involved, how much you’ll be getting in terms of pay, and also where the job is located. After all transport costs can add up in terms of time and money, but LinkedIn is here to help.

The company has recently launched a new feature called “Your Commute” which basically tells job seekers how far the job they’re applying to is. “When you visit job listings on LinkedIn from your mobile phone, you’ll start to see a ‘See Your Commute’ module. From here you can enter your address to calculate how long it would take you to get to your new office walking, driving or on public transportation.”

Prior to this users could always do a quick search on the internet as to where the company might be located, but this feature means that users won’t have to pause their job application/search process and open up a new window, making it a more seamless experience. In addition to this, users can set their commute preferences and include information like how long they will be willing to commute.

These features should already be live so if you’re in the market for a new job and would like to factor in these variables, head on over to LinkedIn’s website for the details.

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