microsoft logoIt has become something of an open secret that Microsoft is developing a Surface Phone. This has only been rumored about in the past, but a recent comment from Microsoft’s CEO seems to have fueled the rumors and lent a certain amount of credibility to them. So much so that a recent report about the phone entering trial production doesn’t really surprise us.

According to reports out of Taiwan, Microsoft’s rumored Surface Phone is said to be running trial productions of the upcoming handset. The company behind the production is said to be Pegatron whom some of you guys might know as one of Apple’s main producers of the iPhone alongside Foxconn.

If the rumors are true, the phone is expected to make its debut in 2017, or maybe even early 2018. The reason why this is taking so long is because apparently Microsoft is aiming to create the “ultimate mobile device”, which some have speculated to mean that we can look forward to being able to run x86 apps on Continuum mode.

This would no doubt set it apart from the rest of the competition, but whether or not this is a feature that users will want or actually end up using remains to be seen. However considering that the mobile phone industry has been more or less on the same path for years, a shakeup like this could be a welcome change. Until then we guess you should probably take it with a grain of salt.

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