iphone-7-bottomAs some of you guys might have heard, recently there were reports that the iPhone 6 and 6s handsets in China were shutting off at random. It was unclear as to why that might be the case, but according to a report from AppleInsider, it turns out that the problem could be due to the use of third-party chargers.

The report reads, “According to a preliminary investigation relayed to AppleInsider, poor quality generic charging peripherals, particularly AC to DC converters, are damaging the phone’s charge regulating circuitry over time. As a result of the damage, the battery is also not reporting the battery’s charge status to the iOS correctly.”

It also seems that 100% of the phones that have been examined were found to have this problem. It is unclear if these users knowingly charged their phones with third-party chargers, or if because these chargers were being sold and labeled like official Apple chargers that led these users to mistake them for the real thing.

Apple has warned customers in the past about using unauthorized third-party hardware. In fact recently Apple even claimed that 90% of the accessories sold on Amazon for Apple products were found to be fake. Of course given that Apple’s accessories are so expensive for such a simple product, they can’t really blame their customers who are looking to try and save themselves some money.

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8 MP
  • f/2.2 Aperture
1810 mAh
    1GB RAM
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