apple-pay-japan_inline-02Have you ever gone up to a vending machine only to realize that you don’t have enough small change on you? That can be rather annoying, but this is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that if a vending machine were to advertise that it supports mobile payment platforms like Apple Pay, revenue for those machines would actually go up.


This is according to a 6-month long study conducted by USA Technologies (via Cult of Mac) in which they found that customers are more likely to spend if they know they can use their phones to make payments. To be more specific, the likelihood of spending is increased by a whopping 135%, meaning that it’s almost of a guarantee that they will buy something from the machine.

According to Maeve McKenna Duska, VP of marketing at USA Technologies, “Based on our study, we believe that when businesses and operators present consumers with the option to pay for items with Apple Pay, the number of mobile payments made and the amount spent, increases.”

Like we said, it is possible that maybe because it is convenient and customers won’t need to break notes or dig for change that they are more willing to make a purchase. The study also found that advertising Apple Pay can led to a 36.5% increase in overall sales and 44.6% increase in total transactions, but what do you guys think? Have you found that if Apple Pay (or any other platform) is available that you’re more likely to make a purchase?

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