vespa-electricAs far as scooters are concerned, there aren’t that many brands out there that are as iconic as Vespa’s scooters. The brand continues to be popular today, with many loving the design which has surprisingly held up very well over the years, and for those who are particularly environmentally-conscious, there is some good news.


Vespa has announced that they are planning to release a fully electric version of its classic scooter dubbed the Elettrica Concept. The design of the scooter will remain more or less the same as before (see above), with the main difference being that it will be electric and will not run on gas thanks to its electric motor and the ditching of the gas tank.

Unfortunately in terms of details like pricing, availability, the range, how long it takes to charge, and other features, not much is known about the Electtrica Concept for now. The folks at Gizmodo are speculating that the scooter could be priced towards the higher-end, like $10,000 but that’s mainly due to Vespa’s branding.

Hopefully that won’t be the case, but then again Vespa’s scooters aren’t exactly cheap to begin with, so we doubt the same could be said for the electric version as well. That being said, Vespa did say that production is expected to be available in the second half of 2017, so we guess we’ll have a bit of waiting to do.

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